About us

Keep active. Stay connected. Be involved. These statements are at the core of efforts now evolving in the northern portion of Harford County. In recent years county officials have noticed the need for transportation to help seniors maintain their independence and their connections with others. No service is available to address that population.

It seems that as we age, getting around is not only an orthopedic issue, but also a logistical one. More people, more traffic in our county, new roads, communities and businesses…all of these have affected the confidence of some seniors, especially those who live in this rural part of our county. Economics have curtailed the ability of fixed income citizens to get around as easily as they once did. More seniors are staying home.

Visiting friends, going to a movie, seeing a grandchild’s play or concert at school, have all become regrettable losses for many seniors who may have support in the family, but who are not available or able to drive the trips that would so enhance the life of their older relative.

Getting There Ride Share is the organization willing to tackle this growing problem. Some local citizens have joined the Department of Community Services and The Wilson Ministry Center in Darlington to organize volunteers to take seniors to those places that make their lives more complete. Quality of life for seniors is the underlying theme and the volunteers who drive are also expected to win in the process.

Helping others is a reward in itself, and neighbor-helping-neighbor is the best kind of volunteerism. Getting There Ride Share accepts volunteers who are willing to drive or coordinate rides for seniors. The seniors will register and then request rides that will be scheduled through the volunteer coordinator. Volunteer drivers will accept and agree to provide rides through the coordinator and then communicate with the rider as the time nears.

This program serves seniors 60 years and older residing in the following zip codes:

  • Whiteford – 21160
  • Street – 21154
  • Darlington/Dublin – 21034
  • Pylesville – 21132
  • Jarrettsville – 21084
  • Forest Hill – 21050
  • Conowingo – 21918
  • Port Depost – 21904
  • Colora – 21917
  • Parts of Havre de Grace – 21078